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What is Flip? An amazing collaborative UX that removes complexities of production processes and schedules
Manage resources

FLIP digital planning software focuses on resources management: Human capital, Equipments, Production lines, Working rooms...

Remove Overload

FLIP intelligence unlocks all the potential of managed resources without overloading them !

Plan easily

FLIP implements the best methodologies and provides most powerful scheduling features on the market !

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Capacities Management
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Shift & Absence Management

Thanks to an exclusive fast interface, assign Shifts & Absences to workers on multiples periods at a time. Everyone get daily, weekly, monthly or yearly overview on shifts/absences by teams, supervisors and workers.

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Skills Management

Support the system to select the correct profiles to execute a task.

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Resources & Capacity Management

Are the equipments I need available and ready to be used (clean, aseptic,... )?
Manage multiple statuses and more options for your equipment. Program recurrence to schedule equipment maintenance!

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Constraints Management

Define and set multiple constraints levels between tasks, equipments, processes and Workers.

Production scheduling
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Tasks and contraints integrator

Assign desire / necessary constraints between people, skills and equipments

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Process definition

Sort all tasks required for each steps of product creation

Visual Planning
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People Visual

See and analyze all tasks workload assigned to each employee/worker.

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Production Area Visual

See and analyze all tasks planned to each production area/line.

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Equipment Visual

Check equipment workload and status.

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Batch Visual

Get an overview of all scheduled batches.

How it Works
Master data management
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    Human Resources, Equipment, Working Area (Zone Production Lines)

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    Name, Duration, Category

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    Name, Equipment, Type of Processus

Constraints Management
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    HR Capacities is computed based on Shifts, Absences and knowledges if required

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    Localisation assignation, Equipment assignation, Knowledges assignation,Number of people required by team

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    Task sequence, Tasks duration modifcation, Delay/Interval between tasks

Production scheduling
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    Product manufacturing is planned in a
    single click

Interact with the Planning
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    Many visuals available. Zoom in (20 minutes) / Zoom out (months)

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    Workers interract on the task status

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    Daily planning adaptation

Quick Overview
Full Connectivity Major technologies are supported to import data into FLIP or export data from FLIP towards your favorite analytics services
Import from Popular Resources to Flip
Export to Popular Resources from Flip
  • December 2021

    Flip rolled out new production plants in Italy, France and Belgium

  • December 2020

    Second industry customer

  • November 2020

    Agile GO-Live

  • June 2020

    First industry customer

  • Januari 2020

    FLIP framework first release launched.

  • June 2019

    FLIP beta version

  • June 2018

    Project genesis

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